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The name Taylorcraft is associated with high Aircraft Quality, the company has been producing aircrafts for more than seventy years in several locations. Taylorcraft builds small single-engine airplanes very well known for their speed and efficiency on limited horsepower engines.

The Taylorcraft design is a conventional layout, two seat, high wing, fabric covered aircraft. Of interest is that the basic design has remained unchanged since 1936, yet this same design is still viable and relevant as a personal sport aircraft today.

The designer, Clarence Gilbert Taylor, can rightfully be called the father of private aviation in America, he first designed the Taylor Cub.






Taylorcraft is the only U.S. aircraft manufacture that is in a position to capture and lead the new FAA Light Sport Aircraft. Taylorcraft will be touted as First in Class and Best Value by all trade publications.

The (EAA) has estimated this new Sport Rule will attract an additional 600,000 pilots and builders in the next ten (10) years

Taylorcraft is the longest running production aircraft in the world, also the safest aircraft ever built with only (6) AD’s, no airframe failures, no spar failures, no wing failures, over 13,000 airplanes built. A true time tested design no other manufacturer can say that.

The Taylorcraft factory has the longest running Type Certificate in the world  (75 years!) with thousands aircraft manufactured. Tens of thousands of pilots were trained in Taylorcraft planes with over 3,000 Military Aircraft manufactured. This specific aircraft is easy to fly and maintain.

Taylorcraft is an “American Aviation Icon” known not only nationally but all over the world with only 6 Airworthiness Directives issued in 75 years. The value of the Trade Name and Logo can be measured in dollars saved in Branding Advertising.

The Taylorcraft factory is establish in a 42,000 sqft  facility on the area of the South Padre International Airport  in  Brownsville, Texas          

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